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    Welcome to vDos IP stresser, the best Layer 7 (HTTP) & IP Stresser in the market.
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Why choose us

vDos is best Layer 7 & 4 stresser and one of the most powerful, stable and reliable stressers out there. We always do whatever it takes to keep our customers satisfied vDos also has a lot of custom made and unique features that you cannot find anywhere else!

IP Stresser

We guarantee a 10-50 Gbps power per boot using non-VIP plan.

Powerful layer 7

We guarantee a 15K rps power per boot using layer 7 methods.

Game Server Stresser

Our custom Methods is the best way to test the game server.

OVH / Hetzner bypassing

Our high end dedicated servers can satisfy even the most power hungry customers.

Untraceable/spoofed boots

We're using recursive DNS servers, SSDP and NTP amplifiers, your boot will never get traced back to you.

24/7 Customer Care

Our support team is online 24/7, feel free to ask us anything that on your mind.

Our Pricing

  • 1 monthly Bronze

  • $30

  • 1 Concurrent
  • 1200 seconds boot time
  • 50Gbps total network capacity
  • Layer 3 & 4
  • 24/7 Free Support
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  • 1 monthly Silver

  • $44.99

  • 1 Concurrent
  • 2200 seconds boot time
  • 50Gbps total network capacity
  • Layer 3 & 4
  • 24/7 Free Support
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  • 1 monthly Gold

  • $79.99

  • 2 Concurrent
  • 3600 seconds boot time
  • 50Gbps total network capacity
  • Layer 3 & 4
  • 24/7 Free Support
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  • $299.99

  • 2 Concurrent/s
  • 7200 seconds boot time
  • 216Gbps(Dedicated Power)
  • Layer 3 & 4 | Layer 7
  • 24/7 Free Support
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  • "I have been using this for a while now, the power very rarely decreases even with many boots running. This is a solid stresser and I would recommend 100%."
  • "Hands Down best stresser I've purchased on HF. Hit's literally 95% of Servers/Websites out there."
  • "I test hit my 10g dedicated server last night and it was overwhelmed."
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Layer 4 & Layer 7 methods

SSDP Amplification

Using SSDP amplifiers, 40-50x amplification factor. 10-50Gbps per IP Stresser.

NTP Amplification

Using NTP servers as amplifiers, 550x amplification factor, 20-70Gbps per IP Stresser.

DNS Amplification

Using DNS open (a.k.a recursive) DNS servers. 20-50x amplification factor, 10-25Gbps per IP Stresser.

Cloudflare Bypass

Using of many http request to bypass Cloudflare Under attack mod by Processing Java and cookie.


DOMINATE method is able to drop ddos protected servers such as OVH by bypassing their firewall.

Game Server DDoS

Using xSYN method to Down any Game server such as Minecraft, The Forest , world of warcraft ,Golden Axe , counter strike, Call of Duty MW.

Team Speak attack

We have a dedicated way to hit the Teamspeak server.

Distributed XML-RPC

We use Manipulating Wordpress websites and using them as a spoofed source to Stress any website.


Using vulnerable Joomla websites as an attack amplificator to Stress any website.

Terms of Services

Please fully read vDos stresser Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy. Violating our policies will result in your service being suspended without notice.

1) By purchasing vDos Stresser you agree to our ToS.
2) We are not responsible for how ever you use this stresser.
3) You may not share your account, if you will, your account will be closed without a warning or a refund!
4) We have the right to close any account we want or shut down the project at any time we want without a refund.
5) No Refunds or chargebacks unless we decide , if you'll charge back a report will be filled.
6)We have the right not to sell you any plan / spot in vDos.
7)We have the right to change the ToS anytime we want.
Disrespect will result in no more support & no more updates.
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